Contact Information

To receive further information about this grassroots gathering contact:

                By email contact us at

Belfast - c/o PO Box 505, Belfast, BT12 6BQ

                Telephone:   (UK) 07729785327

More information on the web at




The Grassroots Gathering is a space for communication, learning and debate between people organising non-hierarchically for a new society in Ireland and worldwide. We include environmentalists, community activists, worker’s and consumer’s cooperatives, anarchists, trade unionists, feminists, cultural activists and others united in our rejection of capitalism and commitment to the voluntary creation of alternatives without coercion. Children are welcome at this event.


The gathering will include video showings, workshops, evening festivities, direct actions and presentations from all over Ireland and abroad, and a bookstall by Just Books. Veggie and vegan food will be provided by Belfast food not bombs, and free accommodation will be provided (bring a sleeping bag). Volunteers are needed each day for an hour or so to supervise play activities, help in the kitchen and clean up.


There will be workshops on the themes:


If you have experience in these areas and want to get involved in planning the discussions or presenting a workshop please contact us at


Other workshops suggested or confirmed include:



If you would like to present a workshop or facilitate a discussion please, or have experience relating to some of the workshops listed, please contact us as soon as possible at


We are also planning to set aside time for ‘renegade workshop’ space for shorter meetings, workshops and announcements.


We want people to get involved, we need help with cooking, children’s activities, providing accommodation (if you live in Belfast), facilitating workshops and discussions.  Come along and muck in.